Bamboo Products Information

Chinese bamboo products are already popular in Japan

Chinese bamboo products are already popular in Japan!

Today, bamboo tableware and flower baskets are favored by Japanese women. In addition, the traditional handicrafts and furniture of Vietnam and other Asian countries are also very popular. Bamboo texture is guileless, soft, make a person have the feeling of regression nature already, also very fashionable. In December, a new bamboo shop opened in nanaoyama,…

Bamboo production process

The technological process of making bamboo products!

In this paper, we will introduce the bamboo production process, a total of eight steps: 1, material: selection of inspection and applicable specifications bamboo 柸 panel, according to the size of the product material, blanking, extended 1.5 cm or less processing, to special-shaped products according to different shape, size and plane light light after trimming,…