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Bamboo products for maintenance

How to maintain bamboo products can not deformation?

Bamboo products are beneficial to physical and mental health, and have environmental protection functions, so the majority of consumers love. But people often because maintain a method undeserved and often change the bamboo product such as mat, cool pillow. The Times is much, unavoidable somebody complains the use fixed number of year of bamboo product…

Bamboo products sell well all over the world

The reason why bamboo products sell well in the world!

Products made of bamboo have superior performance, environmental protection and health. For example, clothes made of bamboo charcoal fiber have many advantages: soft and warm, like “silks and satins”; Soaking air, warm in winter and cool in summer; The antibacterial rate reached 94.5%. Green, anti-ultraviolet. At the time, however, we didn’t know it had a…