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To see which species are listed as international bamboo cultivars

See which kinds of hsinchu login international bamboo cultivars!

Five Chinese new bamboo varieties have been certified by the international bamboo cultivar registration center (ICRCB). So far, 20 species of hsinchu have been certified by ICRCB. The get login authentication hsinchu varieties are respectively the sichuan agricultural university qi-bing Chen and others Zhuo negundo bamboo varieties bamboo “and” sichuan pastoral, li-sha ma Yin Xianxiao…


This thing on rural bamboo, cure rheumatism has strange effect one catty 70 yuan, person “bamboo yellow”.

  Of the plants and crops in the countryside, there are many strange things, like the “bad” on the corn, many people thought that toxic is delicious or not only can cure stomach trouble, the peach gum on the peach tree has the effect of blood raise colour, is known as “civilian bird’s nest”, today…